Journey Beyond the Grief ~ Nov. 30- Dec. 4

"If we own the story we can write the ending."
  ~Brene Brown

Self-care isn't selfish, my friend, it's essential. 

So is coming together in a community of women who get what's it's like to be a woman and a parent without her own mother present. We must support each other 
Beyond the Grief.


In this time of social distancing, it is critical to practice the art of compassion for ourselves, our families, and our sisters. 

Take 30-minutes a day for 5 days

What we'll cover: 
Day 1: Remember
 you’re not alone.
Day 2: Reconnect to your roots & grow.
Day 3: Redirect - move from feeling stuck in your roles to having flourishing relationships. 
Day 4: Reclaim your sovereignty.
Day 5: Integrate your own sacred process to thrive. 

Join me on a 5-Day mini-journey to begin healing the mother/daughter split.

Losing our mother creates an ache in our hearts that is incomparable, it feels devastating. Our mother was the one from who we learned how to be (or how not be) a woman. 

When we lose our mother we have lost the very essence of where we came from.  When our mothers died we lost all possibility of having an adult relationship with her or our chance to heal our relationship with her.  Then when we became a mother, we experienced new and deeper loss - the loss we feel for our children. 

 We are constantly reminded of our mother's absence. Every time we're in public and see kids with grandmas. When our mom friends, who still have their mothers, share about how they help and support them (and even have the nerve to complain about them). AND When we need that backup support and validation that we are not completely fucking up our children and our lives. We miss them. 

COVID is adding a new layer of grief onto what already feels unfair and isolating.  Our kids may be in school full time, part-time, zero-time, and we know that the workforce looks drastically different for people everywhere. The social responsibility we have of isolating ourselves to protect the greater good of our communities feels frustrating, sad, hard to manage, scary, and lonely.

We have a LOT of roles that we fulfill under "normal" circumstances, and now we have to be even more for our children and our families. 

As a parent, I've needed to figure out when I need to be a mom, when I need to be a friend, how to be a friend (and not a parent), and be a teacher.  It truly is no wonder mamas everywhere are feeling overwhelmed and tired.  

This journey is a chance to strengthen and build your reserve for yourself in anticipation of the many months ahead. 

I'm ready to take the journey.

Elissa S. Keeler 

"Suzy is an amazing leader. She is wise, intuitive, compassionate, and leads from the heart. She has a tremendous ability to listen, to respond, to meet people where they are, and to fan the flame of growth and more inspired living in all those she works with.
I have been a participant in Suzy's workshops and also a co-facilitator. Suzy truly knows how to bring out the best in people. She is a joy to be around."
-MA Transpersonal Psychology, BM Vocal Performance & Music Education, and Light on the Hill retreat facilitator, Elisa S. Keeler

Sarah Forbes

"This past year has been a challenging one to say the least, and I feel a strong need for connection with my fellow sisters. Circle is new to me, and while I have strong bonds with women in my life, friends and family, there is something enriching and inspiring about connecting in a structured, guided way in Sister Circle. I’m looking forward to deepening my knowledge of self and others, and to contributing and receiving love, support, and guidance in circle."

Have you experienced the quiet relief of being with other women who understand what it's like to be a motherless mom?  


This journey creates a space where you can share those hardships, share your pain, suffering, and struggles AND learn new tools to grow. It is from your very own awareness of how you feel and show up in your life that empowers you to find your way back to joy.   

When we come together in a safe sacred space using proven tools to keep our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits moving,  we become empowered by our own experiences in our own way in our own time. 


This mini-journey is designed for women who like to use the guidance of tools to help her process life thoroughly, efficiently, and effectively. 

If you are ready to reconnect to your JOY -

If you are ready to make a shift and aren’t sure how to get started - THIIS IS FOR YOU! 

If you want new ways of understanding and making sense of what’s going on in your life and how to find flow and ease within the tides of life - THIS IS FOR YOU!

If you want an authentic genuine connection to other motherless moms, beyond the superficial layers of day to day because you feel alone without your mother - THIS IS FOR YOU!

If you are ready to take charge of your experience of life -THIS IS FOR YOU! 

Join this FREE mini-Journey - Beyond the Grief.